Team K063 who participated UNY community service program held egg based cooking class in Ngentak II Hamlet, Kalibening village. The program successfully attract 37 housewives as participants and also attended by the head village of Kalibening.  This activity is set as a response on Ngentak II hamlet potential that branded the hamlet as a famous center for laying hen in Kalibening. The cooking class is expected to give added value for the produced eggs and opening further business opportunity.

There are 2 recipes that are practices, namely omelette souffle and egg benedict. Both recipes are inspired by France and the United Kingdom culinary, which have been simplified for easier to make process. The first recipe, the omelette souffle, only needs to mix the eggs which are then stirred using a mixer for about one minute or until the eggs rise. The expanded egg mixture is cooked on Teflon and covered with a glass lid until the egg is cooked. The resulting egg has a soft texture and shape like a tart.

The second recipe is egg benedict, which consists of 5 steps. The first step is making the sauce from egg yolks and butter cooked using a double boiler, the function of the double boiler is so that the egg does not clot when cooked. The second step is boiling eggs, boiling eggs has its own technique. The water used for boiling is added a little vinegar, then the water is rotated using a spoon and the egg is inserted until the eggs are cooked. The function of giving vinegar is to accelerate the cooking of egg whites. The third step is burning meat, the process is not much different from making a steak. Meat that has been cut is smeared with salt and pepper while pressed, after that it is roasted over an oven that has been spread with butter. The fourth step is preparing bread. It can be burger bread or white bread. Bread baked on Teflon which is used for grilling meat. The last step is to present the eggs benedict, first place the bread on a plate, then arrange the eggs and meat on the egg and cover with other bread. After that add the butter egg sauce on the bread.

The practice of making eggs directly is done at the same time as the cooking demonstration. The event was lively so that the enthusiasm of the community especially the mothers was very encouraging for KKN friends of K063 group, the hope was that in the village of Kalibening known as an egg center and with a simple processing but it looked modern the people could consume not only by making the usual fried egg. Those two recipes has attract the interest to learn further on egg based cooking. No wonder, some participants expected that similar event held and focusing more on cake or bread making. (Musthofi Hevina)

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