Examples of Communication Systems from Nature


"For a communications engineer, nature is full of examples of communication systems. Many of these systems use molecules for signaling, control, and regulation. Molecular communication is a new field that applies communication engineering tools to molecular signaling. Potential applications in medicine include treating neurological disorders, preventing cancerous tumors' growth, and reducing the impact of other diseases arising from ineffective or inadvertent signaling. Other opportunities include advances in environmental monitoring and the design of lab-on-a-chip systems. I will introduce molecular communication and present examples of biophysical problems seen through the lens of communication," said Dr. Adam Noel of the University of Warwick at the 9th International Conference on Research, Implementation, and Education of Mathematics and Science (9th ICRIEMS) online 29-30 July 2022.

"An example of molecular communication we are studying in an ongoing project is the competition of bacteria with antibiotics. Antibiotics are simply signals made by some bacteria that are toxic to other bacteria. We observe bacterial signals to assess whether propagation is driven by diffusion or other processes, such as the mobility of the bacteria itself. This research aims to understand the release of antibiotics as a defense mechanism. Can they only affect local bacteria, or can the colony attack others some distance away?, "said Dr. Adam Noel.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Heri Retnawati, M.Pd., from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNY, stated that education is one of the efforts to train values, knowledge, and skills in the community. Along with developing a society that aspires to realize the sustainability goals development (SDG), education is an absolute thing to do. One alternative learning framework that can be chosen is science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Research related to learning with this STEM framework has been carried out. However, when implementing it in the classroom, various challenges are still faced in terms of the curriculum, teachers, students, environment, and the assessment system. With collaboration and research synergy, these challenges can be overcome by synergizing research and collaboration of education practioners in the community to ensure better education implementation in the future.

“Several strategies can be used to address the challenges of implementing learning in the STEM framework. The learning curriculum in schools specifically for STEM learning that does not yet exist can be overcome by collaboration. One of the collaborations offered in this article is collaborative research on learning models in schools with the STEM framework. This research collaboration can be carried out with universities, professional organizations, and schools, including its elements. She continued one type of research that can be carried out is research and development (R & D)". (witono, Tj. Lak)

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