Institutional strengthening of faculties at UNY through additional assignments for lecturers


"We would like to thank the lecturers who received additional assignments. Organizationally, there are still many programs, activities and services that we need to do more optimally. The faculty hopes that the recipients of this additional assignment can contribute maximum thoughts and energy. This is an opportunity to contribute non-academically, facilitate more effective coordination and foster student talents," said the Dean of FMIPA UNY, Prof. Dr. Dadan Rosana, M.Si., at the ceremony of lecturers with additional assignment for  Quality Assurance Unit, Student Association Supervisors and Student Organizations, on January 15, 2024.

The department needs good collaboration so that it can improve services and quality measurably. "One of the measures that we can use as a reference is from the results of better rankings related to student affairs, academics, and other fields. Learning from other universities with better rankings, it turns out that the contribution of lecturers, especially senior ones, has a huge impact on the achievement of the university's Key Performance Indicators. I hope the department can distribute the additional assignments for lecturers well so that they can help students or other areas that need to be developed," said Prof. Dr. Dadan Rosana, M.Si.

"If yesterday there were communication barriers between students and lecturers, hopefully, this management will become a facilitator for students to communicate directly with qualified mentors. By collaborating, the ranking is a shared responsibility by the FMIPA academic community, so this will be more optimal." (Author: Witono, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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