The students of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program, the Faculty of Languages and Arts,  YSU held a drama performance entitled Sampek Engtay at Tedjokusumo Theatre on Monday (22/12/2014). 
The drama has  successfully caught people attention as shown by the audience coming from cities outside Yogyakarta, such as  Cilacap and Purwokerto. They did not lost their enthusiasm to this last performance of the 2012 students of Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program in 2014 despite the drizzle around the stage.
The drama, which was performed by the A class students of Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, also attracted its audiences by marvelous stage decorations. Because the drama is adopted from a Chinese legend, they provided Chinese typical decorations including klenteng (pagoda).  
As the final project of drama class under the supervision of Dr. Nurhadi, M.Hum, it was considered sucessful due to the drama making process, including aspects like actors, make-up, costumes, settings, and lighting. 
Sampek Engtay tells a story of a doomed love between Engtay, who broke the restraints of tradition, and Sampek,  a boy she loves. Written by Nano Riantiarno, it was perfomed as a comedy drama. 
“During two hours of the performance, it was full of fresh jokes from the actors so that the audience never got bored. The most special one was angpao (red envelope) which was shared before the performance,“ said the Azizi as the director. 
Four days before the drama, December 18th, 2014, Gubernur Nyentrik (Eccentric Governor) drama (Episode: A Forgetful People Nation) was performed by Arcana Theatre in the same place. It also attracted people attention to watch it.   
Two singing beggars stood on the stage and sang a song for the Eccentric Governor, the Governor of A Forgetful People Nation. Suddenly, the lighting beamed on a man who rode his dated bicycle entering the stage. It was the Eccentric Governor who was willing to be a poor governor. He had planned for developing a giant project for the sake of his people prosperity.  
The drama, which was directed by Weda S. Atmanegara and co-director Febrinawan “Giant” Prestianto, was a series of the drama class final project under the supervision of Dr. Nurhadi, M.Hum. Arcana Theatre from the 2012 A class students of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program tried to perform their best performance. It provided a fairy tale concept (in costumes and make-up) which attracted a magnificent response from the audience.  
Its spectacle and gimmick tricks on the stage are provided to reveal a story full of traditional spirit and a bit contemporary,” said Febrinawan. (mar/jko/weda)
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