To promote waste management in Bligo Village, UNY Community Service Program and Magelang Environment Office conducted socialization on waste management. This program took place at Bligo village hall and was attended by Bligi village officials, hamlet heads, and community representative from 12 hamlets.

Magelang Environment Office as the speaker mentioned that Magelang currently face emergency waste level. To deal with this situation, it is worth to learn more about waste management along with the types of waste and how to make use waste as innovative material. Ms. Rofiq as the representative of Magelang Environment Office encourage people of Bligo to be more aware about the impact of unmanaged waste and how to make use of waste.

There are many things that can be done to deal with different types of waste. The first is by collecting the waste based on the types. It is common for people to separate between plastic waste and organic waste. The second is setting the possible use from the waste. Most of plastic waste such as mineral water bottle has economic values. While any organic waste traditional can be used as organic fertilizer. It is worth to note that not every waste can be disposed directly to the ground.  Applying chlorine or limestone on any used diapers or sanitary pads before buried it will ensure the waste to decompose naturally.

Bligo village has waste bank community called Bank Sampah Bligo  Beriman (Waste Bank Bligo Beriman). Unfortunately, the waste bank has been out of service for the last few years. But people has started to collect garbage from each village every Sunday morning in the last two months. The waste from each hamlet is sorted based on the type and then sold to collectors. Then, the money from the sale are put into the saving of each people who collect waste. (Rofiqul Mukminin

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