Faculty of Social Sciences Yogyakarta State University (FIS UNY) Training Degree Writing Journal Articles on Friday (20/7/2018). The event was held in Ki Hajar Dewantara FIS UNY Room attended by lecturers in FIS UNY environment. The speaker of the activity is Assoc. Dr. Mohamed Nor Azhari Azman who is the deputy dean of research and innovation, Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Malaysia. Dean of FIS UNY, Prof. Dr. Ajat Sudrajat, MA.g. appreciate the activity and encourage everyone to publish research articles in scopus indexed journals. "For lecturers who have research articles such as publish in scopus indexed journal" Ajat said when delivering remarks.
Azhari said that the article of research publication is needed by a lecturer or researcher. No less important is the article that is cited by others. The more people who cite article, the higher the h-index a researcher. H-index into the number of publications (n) each of which each referenced at least times. The amount of h-index determines the quality of a researcher. "One way to improve the h-index of a researcher is to collaborate between researchers who have the same field to jointly write papers and mutually citing each other," Azhari said in his presentation.
UPSI Malaysia lecturer who added that efforts to improve the h-index of a researcher / lecturer must also be supported by the increase of publication of research articles. Many places can be used by authors to publish documents and research, UTM Journal and Technology, Journal of Engineering and Engineering and Science and other scopus indexed journals.
In his presentation, Azhari also stressed the importance of networking with fellow researchers or lecturers. One of the efforts that can be done, Azhari said, is to actively join in academic forums such as gate research. "Through the forum we can find experts who can easily with ease. We can collaborate on writing papers to be published on scopus. Thus, our chances to increase the publication of research articles will be even greater "he added
At the end of his advisor, Azhari offers collaborations with FIS UNY lecturers to jointly write articles to be featured in the Scopus indexed journals. "I invite FIS UNY lecturers who have articles. can together discuss with me to collaborate cover journal articles" he explained. (Eko)

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