As the implementation of community service during covid-19 pandemic, UNY donate protective gears and food packages. “Hundreds of these protective gears were made by UNY and we distributed them evenly in four districts, namely Sleman, Kulonprogo, Bantul, and Gunungkidul, through the heads of respective Health Offices," Prof. Sutrisna said on Monday (27/04) in conjuction with the 56th anniversary of UNY.

"Hundreds of these personal protective equipment were made by UNY and we distributed them to the four districts, namely Sleman, Kulonprogo, Bantul, and Gunungkidul, through the Heads of the respective Health Offices," Sutrisna explained.

Because UNY Campus Located in Four Districts

The four districts are selected because UNY does have campuses throughout the area.  Sleman, for example, is the location of the main campus located on Colombo Street. In Bantul, UPP 2 FIP UNY campus is commonly used for teaching and learning activities in the Early Education and Elementary School Teacher Education majors.

"While in Gunungkidul and Kulonprogo, we have vocational education that focuses on industrial practice skills, preparing children for the industrial revolution 4.0. So that the assistance in the framework of this anniversary, is a form of dedication to the people of UNY at the location of this university, " Sutrisna said.

Each district will get 100 sets of protective gears, 100 bottles of sanitizer, 100 sets of masks. For the portable stepping sink, Gunungkidul and Kulonprogro will receive 3 units each. While for Sleman and Bantul, they will receive 2 units each.
“We already donated thousands of food packages on Sunday (19/4) in Gedangsari Gunungkidul, Karangmalang, Mrican, Kuningan and Samirono,” Sutrisna added.

Through this activity, Sutrisna hopes that UNY can support the community and the government during covid-19 pandemic. “Hopefully, it will be a good deed during Ramadhan. We directly answer people needs because this is part of UNY gratefulness,” Sutisna concluded.

Protective Gears and Masks Made by Fashion Department of UNY

Adam Jarussalem, Ph.D., as the Head of Fashion Engineering Education Department(PTBB) and coordinator of this activity, said that a total of 400 sets of PPE clothes were produced and would be distributed to a number of health services in 4 districts of DIY. The protective gear is a set consisting of hazmat suit made from standard medical spunbound fabrics, masks, and plastic face shields.

"The production process took place from April 6, 2020 and involved 10 Fashion students who work on them at home. So while studying from home, we practice the knowledge we have, for something useful that is to help provide PPE for medical personnel in the field," Adam said.

Adam said that there no adequate time for standardize medical test to the protective gear. So, there is no guarantee that can be provided by the campus. But the fact that the availability of protective gears are still rare has pushed UNY to keep the production process. “It is better than nothing and we provide the protective gear for free to any health worker,” Adam said. For the mask, it is made of waterproof three layers cloth. The middle layer is given viscous material for micron filters, and the inner layer is made of antibacterial cloth. "In accordance with government recommendations, cloth masks, despite having a lower filtration rate than medical masks, are still an effective personal protection," Adam concluded.

Portable sink and Sanitizer

Department of Civil Engineering UNY took the initiative to create a portable stepping sink. This sink is inexpensive, easy to make, and minimizes personal contact. To use it, people only need to step on the pedal at the bottom of the sink.
To complete the hand washing, the Department of Chemistry Education UNY also made hand sanitizers that meet with to WHO standards. Contains 70% alcohol, 1.45% moisturizing glycerol, and fragrant substances. The sanitizer is made by the chemical laboratory community of FMIPA UNY with guaranteed quality.

"This sink is a collaboration and active role of the Department of Civil Engineering Education and Planning in participating in handling Covid 19. Made by Muhammad Riza, Didik Setiawan, and Fauzan Surya Valistya under the guidance of Nur Hidayat, M.Pd., Dr. Slamet Widodo, Dr. Nuryadin Raharjo, Dr.-Ing. Satoto E Nayono. While the hand sanitizer made by Chemical Education. We both hope to work to provide reliable access to washing hands, "Riza said.

The making process for the protective gear and sink started on early April 2020. It is fortunate that needed materials are easy to find. The assembly process is fast and easy.

"We hope that this portable sink will be placed in a strategic place and inspiring people to make more of it. So that more people can access this hand washing facility, "Riza concluded. (Sud-HumasUNY; Tj.Lak)

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