Monitoring and Evaluation for Guest Lecturing Programs 2014


Providing students with various and the most updated knowledge and information will contribute to students’ wider insight, especially if they learn from a number of knowledgeable lecturers from local or foreign universities. Such activity is in line with YSU’s vision which is on the move to the World Class University. Holding Guest Lecturing programs in 2014 was one of many efforts to accomplish its vision. In the guest lecturing programs which were held between March to Desember 2014 by several Departments in YSU, a number of guest lecturers from local universities as well as universities from different countries were invited to give their lectures based on their fields of expertise.
To ensure it as a qualified event, a monitoring and evaluation program for Guest Lecturing Programs 2014 for Faculty/Department was held on Wednesday (22/01/2015). Taking place at classroom A of the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships, the evaluation invited thirteen representatives of Departments or Study Programs in YSU. Four reviewers were also invited in the program. they are Losina Purnastuti, M.Ec.Dev., Ph.D., Dr. Margana, M.Hum., M.A., B. Yuniar Diyanti, M.Hum., and Retna Hidayah, Ph.D.
During the evaluation, each department or study program representative met a reviewer for an intensive evaluation. “During the evaluation, the reviewers inquired into the details of the events and the processes in organizing the guest lecturing programs ,” one of the reviewers said. “Evaluation is needed to improve the quality of the implementation of the program in the future,” he added.
The monitoring and evaluation event was aimed at providing feedback and suggestions in order to improve the quality of the next guest lecturing programs so that the vision of World Class University can be achieved by the university of which motto is “Education is an Investment for Civilization.” (KUIK)

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