“Ngrombo 1, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul is a hamlet that has preserved culture in the fields of music and dance, such as reog for children. However, less effort are set for fine arts,”said Nur Azizah, an Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) study program student of UNY.

She has set batik training for children as her community service program. Nur Azizah said that she wanted to provide an alternative to making batik in an easier way that was suitable for children.

"Children are the target of this activity because it is crucial to introduce batik culture to children as well as provide a variety of useful activities for the children of Padukuhan Ngrombo 1 during the pandemic," said Azizah.

The batik training program was held in six meetings. Prior to the first meeting, Nur Azizah drew Indonesian batik which was considered easy enough for children on paper. Then the batik pictures that she had drawn were distributed to the children at the first meeting.
Nur Azizah said that the children felt attracted to the batiks and explained about the candle dressing batik and the steps for making it.

"After receiving the explanation, the children started to make their batik designs on paper with their own creativity. Then thick it with a marker at the second meeting, "said Azizah. She also explained that at the third meeting, the children drew batik designs on the cloth according to the batik designs that had been made on paper. After that, the children put wax on the cloth according to the design that was drawn.

After the process of dyeing and dyeing the batik in the water glass, the children then did the lorod process (removing wax / wax from batik cloth) according to the student's directions. According to Nur Azizah, children can get to know batik, one of Indonesia's cultures, through 6 meetings starting on 18 November 2020 and ended on 29 November 2020 [Nursaid]

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