To boost inclusive and sustainable economic growth, the Government of Madiun City agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY). The signing ceremony was held in the main courtroom of the rectorate, on Friday (11/6). The Mayor of Madiun and his staff were met directly by the Rector of UNY. The delegation from Madiun was led directly by the Mayor, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, and several members of the Forkopimda. While from UNY,  along with UNY Rector, there were Chairman of LPPM, Chairman of BPPU, Chairman of LPMPP, Head of Bureau, Manager of Wates/Gunungkidul Campus, Expert Staff, and Head of Business Incubator attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Drs. H. Maidi, S.H., M.M., M.Pd as the mayor of Madiun said that currently Madiun is "beautifying itself". Madiun strengthens partnerships for sustainable development in various fields, both with other cities in Indonesia, as well as with various institutions. Together with UNY, Madiun has several goals for cooperation, including those related to tourism, education and research in the social sector, as well as empowering MSMEs in the economic sector.

The Rector of UNY, Prof. Dr. Sumaryanto, M.Kes also said in his speech that UNY really appreciated this form of cooperation. This is also a commitment and synergy of UNY in the tri dharma of higher education in achieving targets in the fields of education, research and community service.
"This activity aims to establish cooperation between Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta and Madiun as well as to build discussions related to activities planned for other potential collaborations that can be developed," said Vice Rector  for Planning and Cooperation of UNY, Prof. Dr. Siswantoyo, M.Kes.

Prof. Dr. Siswantoyo, M.Kes. also said that the City of Madiun and the LPPM UNY Business Incubator were exploring plans for cooperation in the provision of electric bicycles for tourism in Madiun, while potential cooperation activities that could be explored include assistance in tourism development through Sport Tourism, therapeutic and reflexology (massage) training for 1000 therapists placed in a fitness center at Madiun tourist village/tourist location. This program will facilitate visually impaired persons to get a job in therapeutic and reflexology.

Regarding cooperation in the fields of education and community service, UNY and Madiun will carry out several training programs. Some of the  training programs are Teacher and Principal Training for Good Education Implementation and Bullying Prevention; Business Training and Assistance for Culinary Center Traders or MSMEs through the UNY Business Incubator; Collaboration on Monitoring System Development for MSMEs and Regional Entrepreneurs using the Regional Business Incubation System through the UNY Business Incubator; Assistance and Monitoring of KPM PKH Recipients of Business Capital Assistance through the UNY Business Incubator; Development of an Urban Waste Management Model through the LPPM UNY Business Incubator; Implementation of cooperation in the use of Tenant products assisted by the LPPM UNY Business Incubator; as well as community assistance in human resource development (Migrant Workers with Special Skills, and Local Product Packaging).

In the field of research, UNY is ready to explore regional potential development in Madiun. The results of this visit and cooperation were poured out in the signing of the MoU and continued with a visit to LPPM to see some of the superior products of the business incubator. (Taufik, Tj.Lak)

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