Indonesia is indeed a country rich in culture and custom that often keeps people fascinated with its diversity, including in terms of wedding tradition. It also encouraged BIPA to arrange a workshop on traditional Javanese traditional wedding ceremony, which is also a subject to be learned by Darmasiswa participants and Developing Countries Partnership (DCP) students.

This workshop also aims to provide little knowledge to foreign students before attending and watching directly the Javanese wedding ceremony on the next day. Started at 09.00, the workshop was led by Yusi Nurcahya, who also became the main presenter. She was accompanied by Fitri Alfarisy as a moderator and an interpreter at once.

Yusi began this workshop by explaining the importance of foreign students to get acquaintance with Javanese wedding ceremony. Several ritual and ceremonial stages performed by the bridal and the groom are srah-srahan, kembar mayang, pasren, siraman, dodol dhawet, midodareni, ijab qobul, upacara panggih, kacar-kucur, dulangan, and etc.

After learning and watching the wedding directly in two days, i.e., Friday and Saturday in Joglo of Suwarsih Madya, Darmasiswa and DCP students have to make a report in the form of one-page narration. (Riris)

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