Faculty of Engineering  in collaboration with PT Mayora held a job recruitment session There were several position offered such as technical head section, production head section, quality control head section, Engineering head section, quality control analyst and many more.  The recruitment proses has been completed on 22 to 23/8/2019.

Agie, one of staff for the recruitment program said that this job opportunity came from successful work of alumni of UNY’ Faculty of Engineering at PT Mayora. “Their work performance was very satisfying. This achievement has made PT Mayora to get more employees from UNY, Agie said.

They were 120 alumni participated in the recruitment selection. Most of them were graduated from Mechanical Engineering Education, Electrical and Electronics Department. The test is idevided into written test and interview ” Agie added.

PT. Mayora Tbk was founded in 1977 with the first factory located in Tangerang and became a public company in 1990. At present, PT. Mayora Indah Tbk. produce and have 6 (six) divisions each producing different but integrated products including biscuits, confectionery, wafers, chocolate, coffee and health food. In Indonesia, this company is not only known as a company that manufactures processed food and beverages, but is also known as a successful market leader in producing products that are pioneers in their respective categories. PT Mayora Indah Tbk continues to provide a large focus in the development of Human Resources. Cultivating Mayora's values and culture is one of the main steps taken to support the development of the company through the creation of solidity and loyalty of all employees towards the company. (hryo)

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