Increasing the Impact of the UNY Student Community Service Program


"Community service activities for UNY students will provide experiences about cultural assimilation and human literacy, one component of the industrial revolution 4.0 that will be very useful in the future. Moreover, by learning human literacy, you will get differentiation-based learning rooted in individual differences. Therefore, UNY students are required to master three literacy skills. There are data literacy, technology, and human literacy.” said Prof. Margana, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, during a monitoring activity on the implementation of UNY student community service in Temanggung Regency on September 4, 2022.

The Temanggung Lecturer Field Supervisor Coordinator, Nur Kadarisman, M.Si, said that one of the outputs of the community service program was uploading short videos on YouTube channels with a minimum of 50-100 likes. "Through this video, we will promote the local potential of SMEs, natural resources, cultural potential, or village profiles so that they are better known to the public," said Nur Kadarisman, M.Si. The task of making this video was inspired by a video made by UNY students who participated in community service and successfully promoted the manufacture of snacks in the village where students live, which went viral. From the monitoring results, the viral video turned out to have a significant impact on increasing the turnover of the local snack producer, thereby contributing to an increase in the local economy. "To increase motivation and video quality, this year we will contest short videos made by UNY students participating in the community service program, and the best winners will receive prizes from UNY," he said.

Implementing a community service program ideally adapts to the conditions and needs of residents. Maulidya Triadi Utami said that the activities they had completed were related to the celebration of Indonesia Independence Day Celebration. "We, together with the local youth organization, held various competitions for mothers, healthy walks, gymnastics, and special art performances," said Maulidya. The community service team in Kundisari Village focuses on waste management. In addition, the UNY student team also made learning mentoring activities for kindergarten and elementary school students. Meanwhile, the UNY student team in Sekrikil Village presented a traditional performing art of Topeng Ireng. This art has elements of a combination of jathilan, Kuda Lumping, and ndolalak. The signature of Topeng Ireng is the feathers on the heads of the performers. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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