Garuda EV-22 Ready to Compete at Indonesia International Motor Show


The Garuda UNY team will participate in the 2022 Formula Electric Student Competition Indonesia International Motor Show (FESC IIMS) in early April to accelerate the development and research of electric cars. The event requires students to create works in the form of vehicles with electric formula concepts. The development of an electric formula car has many challenges. Cars not only have to be efficient in fuel consumption but also have to be able to go fast without forgetting the safety aspects and being environmentally friendly. UNY developed Garuda Electric Vehicle-22 or Garuda EV-22 for this activity. This car is an electric-powered racing car for the future that has an attractive design like a formula one car, has a high level of security system, is ergonomic, easy to control, environmentally friendly, and powerful.

According to the Kesit team manager, Bayu Purnomo, safety and comfort are important factors in a racing car. “Garuda EV-22 has a 5-point seatbelt to ensure driver safety on the track. This car also uses HVTS and LVIS power supplies in its electrical system to provide voltage according to the capacity of each component," he said. To ensure driver comfort, the team has applied an ergonomic driver seat. In addition, the EV-22 also implements an adjustable pedal box that can adjust to the driver's physical condition.

Bayu further explained that the Garuda EV-22 has an angled steering wheel that considers the ergonomics aspect of reducing the steering load. Furthermore, in contrast to kart cars, the Garuda EV-22 has used a double-wishbone type suspension to minimize the vibrations and shocks produced. This suspension also maximizes tire traction on the road surface. In addition, the vehicle also has a controller to adjust the power output of the electric motor according to the driver's needs.

The supervisor for the Garuda UNY team, I Wayan Adiyasa, M.Eng, explained that this car is environmentally friendly and powerful because it uses a battery with a capacity of 72 V/64 Ah and can cover a distance of up to 50 km with a maximum speed of 80 km/h. "The casing on the battery pack is designed by maximizing the air cooling system with aluminum material to accelerate heat transfer and prevent overheating," he said.

According to the public relations officer of the Garuda UNY team, Aisyatunnissai Tawakkal, Garuda EV-22 made a series of preparations to face the 2022 FESC IIMS, including an acceleration test and a brake test on the boulevard of the UNY rectorate. In this test, the vehicle frame plays an important role, especially to maintain the location of the center of gravity in its position, both static and dynamic. "Slight changes to the chassis can result in a significant center of gravity when receiving dynamic loads, namely lateral loads where the chassis is the largest when cornering," she said.
Garuda EV-22 driver Sultantyo Djatinegoro believes that this competition will be a good experience for the team to apply their knowledge. "Our target is the general champion," he concluded. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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