Copyright Protection for Academics


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is one of the fundamental rights protected by legal products. in various countries. Not only that, guarantees for IPR are also included in various international documents and agreements. To improve the awareness of IPR importance, the Innovation Center, Business Incubator, and Intellectual Property Rights UNY organized a workshop entitled "Copyright Protection for Academics" on May 31, 2022.

The chairman of LPPM UNY, Prof. Samsul Hadi, M.Pd expressed his gratitude for the presence of Mr. Anggoro Dasananto, SH. (Director of Copyright and Industrial Design of DJKI Kemenkumham) as main speaker, Agung Damarsasongko, SH., M.H (Coordinator of Legal Services and LMK DJKI Kemenkumham) and the entourage and participants. Prof. Samsul Hadi hopes that more people will apply for IPR registration to protect the copyrights of UNY lecturers and students with this activity.

Anggoro Dasananto, SH., the next speaker, explained more about Intellectual Property, Copyright Protection, Creator Exclusive Rights, and Types of Creation. Anggoro also shares the method to determine IPR, define the creator, understand copyright limitations, and Utilize Literary/Commercialized Works. The participants also learn the latest issues on book piracy, the easy way to record copyrights, and how to deal with copyright disputes. The presentation was followed with a question and answer session and discussion. (heri-lppm, Tj.Lak)

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