To explore the cooperation project of making mini cars, Ajou Motor College (AMC) visited the Department of Automotive Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University (19 / 12-2016). Dr. Zainal Arifin, Head of the Department, said that the presence of a delegation of AMC is the consolidation of the programs of cooperation that has existed for the last 3 years. "Some of the activities we have implemented together for example, months ago we sent two of our faculty training for a month to get there (AMC).

"Now we're discussing the offer of the Ajou for the project together for 1 month in making mini cars," said Zainal.

"It is also exploring the possibility of credit transfer for students," he explained.

The delegation of AMC are Prof. Chon and Prof. Sung who also gave a public lecture to the faculty members and students in the LPTK Building, FE YSU. In his presentation, Prof. Sung said that the automotive field plays an important role in the development of a nation due to a direct impact on other industrial sectors.

"Therefore, in the development of the key automotive sector is in a relationship with other sectors," added Prof. Sung.

"At the distribution stage, we build relationships with finance and insurance, sales, advertisement while the utilization phase we aim at is the oil and construction sectors," he said

Prof. Sung added that the AMC campus is a campus that is dedicated to the automotive sector. "Our focus and concern is the development of the automotive sector," he explained

"We cover all relevant areas of the car according to the characteristics comprehensive automotive industry.

"We produce professional car technicians with expertise and creativity to be taken with a practice-based learning model equipped with modern learning facilities," explained Prof. Chon.

AMC provides the best equipment in Korea in developing the creativity and ability of students. "At our place, students gain experience in all aspects of learning, design, maintenance, tuning, and manufacturing. So that after graduation they are really ready to work in the automotive industry, "said Prof. Chon.

When asked about the curriculum, Prof. Chon asserted that AMC is very attentive to requests and needs of industry. "Our curriculum is oriented in the industry and we are very flexible to adapt to the conditions and the situation in the industrialized world," he explained.

"Currently, our students focus on the development of hybrid and electric cars as this type is much more fuel efficient and reduce air pollution," he added.

"In addition, students also continue to develop the car for racing," he concluded.

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