FKO UNIBABWI Implement Merdeka Belajar at FIKK UNY


The implementation of Merdeka Belajar (Freedom to Learn) can be carried out and interpreted with several programs, including attending lectures at partner campuses as conducted by the Faculty of Sports and Health (FOK), PGRI Banyuwangi University (UNIBABWI). The students of the 6th semester of FOK UNIBABWI as many as 48 people accompanied by a number of lecturers participated in a coaching clinic for writing the final project. The Dean of FOK, Wawan Setiawan, M.Pd. said that students are expected to graduate on time considering the student graduation rate is still long. With this activity, it can spark the enthusiasm and motivation of students to complete their final project.

The Vice Dean for Research, Cooperation, Information Systems, and Business, Prof. Dr. Yudik Prasetyo, M.Kes. welcomed the group on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at RSU GPLA 3rd Floor FIKK UNY. Yudik said that the same obstacles had also been faced by FIKK. But in recent years, FIKK can graduate students faster. S1 students can graduate in less than 4 years, S2 students can graduate in the 3rd semester and S3 students can graduate in 3 years. Various strategies are carried out in order to facilitate the acceleration of the graduation of these students.

Presenting material related to the writing of final project, Prof. Dr. Yudik Prasetyo, M.Kes. emphasized that the author's ethics must be considered in order to avoid plagiarism. The techniques and strategies for writing scientific papers were also presented and the students of UNIBABWI were enthusiastic in asking questions.

Not only getting material related to scientific writing and final project, the students also participated in a friendly soccer match on the integrated field of FIKK with a score of 8-1 for the victory of UNY soccer club. (Author: Sinta, Editor : Dedy, Translator: Sekar)

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