It is unbelievable for the Carnival Team of the Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta Engineering Faculty, which has just been named as the overall champion of the WORLD ART CAMP OLYMPIADE in Dapitan City, Philippines (18-26 / 07/2018). The team won 13 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals so the world championship label was clearly worthy of being pinned on the Faculty of Engineering Carnival Team
In total there were 13 delegates from the Carnival Team who left for the Philippines including two supervisors from the Fashion Engineering Education Study Program, namely Afif Ghurub Bestari, M.Pd. and Kusminarko Warno, M.Pd.
Afif Ghurub Bestari, M.Pd. supervisor lecture Carnival team Engineering Faculty got 13 gold medals won in category, the Best design costume sketching, the best booth installation, the best costume photograph, the best design for body form architecture, the best costume body form architecture, the best cooperation team, the best fashion costume photograph, the best modelling costume performance, the best technology costume production, the best innovative costume design and the best costume illustration.
"Silver medal for the field of Figure Sketching, Displaying Photograph, Acrylic Figure Painting and 2 silver for Design Costume Sketching and Booth Photograph," explained Afif Ghurub while showing a bundle of medals won in the Philippines.
In addition to the medals we also received special awards from the organizers, namely the best overall multi-talented artist, "Afif said.
According to Afif Ghurub the Olympics were attended by 10 countries, namely Thailand, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Myanmar, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Belgium and the Philippines.
"This Olympic event is the first and after this event will be held every 4 years, moving from country to host. It is planned that in 2022 it will be carried out in Thailand, "said the Lecturer in the Department of Food and Fashion Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University.
Afif said that all this competition requires high creativity, such as when Body form architecture where making costumes on the spot for two days and eight days per day. "While the material used is the largest mural painting in Gloria fantasyland and other complementary materials provided by the committee and notified only five minutes before the competition starts," Afif recalled.
"There are also we were asked to make figure sketching with models from there and provided only 30 minutes of time using pencils and acrylic painting by painting models using acrylic paint in 30 minutes," continued Afif. (hryo)

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