Final and fastest final car competition Drivers' World Championship (DWC) 2018 is a week away. Various preparations have been made by three selected teams all from Indonesia to represent the Asian region in London, England from 3 to 9 July tomorrow. The three teams made it to the top three in the DWC regional Asia held at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia (SEMA) in Singapore last March.
To encourage and motivate the delegation, Shell, as the organizer of this grand competition, held a special audience to bring together the Chief of Staff of Mr. Moeldoko with three Asian representative teams for the final of DWC 2018. The hearing was held in Bina Graha, Istana Negara Jakarta on Tuesday (26 / 6). Garuda UNY Team from Yogyakarta State University as one of the best teams participated in the event.
Mr. Moeldoko in his speech gave appreciation to the Shell management who have good intentions in developing the talents of Indonesian children by organizing the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) competition. He argues that many potentials of Indonesian children are only occasionally potentially untapped. So through this race, the potentials can be lifted.
In addition, Mr. Moeldoko also gave appreciation to the selected teams.
"I congratulate all of you. You are from the chosen generation. You have different spirit and excellence with other friends. You can achieve Asia. "
Mrs. Dian, director of lubricant Shell Indonesia who accompanied the audiences explained about the struggle of Indonesian teams in competing with hundreds of other teams from the Asian region. He revealed that the Indonesian teams are not inferior to other countries teams, as evidenced by the DWC regional Asia which are all held by Indonesian teams. Especially in the year 2016 and then, DWC Grand Final won by Indonesian team. This proves that the Indonesian team can excel even against the best teams of America and Europe.
Positive appreciation was also conveyed by Country Chairman and President Director of PT Shell Indonesia, Darwin Silalahi. He expressed his gratitude to the government for supporting the team of outstanding Indonesian students.
"We are happy and proud to have been given the opportunity to bring together outstanding student teams in the Shell regional and global innovation competition. The support provided by the President will certainly be an encouragement for the team of Indonesian students to be able to carve out their best achievements. "
Innovative and competitive resources at the global level are the capital to build a nation. The generation of achievers is what the nation needs to lead. "In 2045 Indonesia will be 100 years old and you will be the leader," said Mr. Moeldoko. (fb)

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