After a long journey since the competition at the National and Regional level of Asia, Garuda UNY Team (GUT) managed to get tickets to compete in the Drivers' World Championship in London. The competition is a fast-paced race among world-class energy-efficient cars represented by 3 regional Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Asia, America and Europe totaling 9 teams. To be able to practice before entering a real competition, GUT is required through a technical inspection process as a condition to qualify for DWC.
On Thursday (5/7), the team managed to escape IT without major evaluation of the committee. The committee even praised the neatness of the team's work on the accuracy of telemetry installation which other teams considered difficult.
Praise for this team is certainly a valuable appreciation for the team. Not only this time the team praised its ability, in the event Shell Eco-marathon Asia (SEMA) in Singapore last March also received the same praise. Moreover, the team has prepared various supporting file documentation to help the committee understand the parts of Garuda Urban Gasoline 18 car belonging to the team.
"With the wiring diagram we have, we managed to explain and convince the committee more easily," said Yudha Hindrawan as the person responsible for the electric part of the car.
Furthermore, Yudha explained that the team's pressure regulator is also impressive and attracts the committee to ask questions. In an ordinary car, a rare pressure regulator is equipped with a water filter, while GUT has furnished it with the item. The committee also asked about the use of the installed filter.
Overall, TI DWC did well. After officially passing IT, the team also get a chance to practice before the Grand Final DWC which took place on Sunday (8/7) future. (Zaf)

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