Health Care Training Using QRMA Methods


In order to improve services at the Health and Sport Center (HSC) UNY, the HSC manager held a health test training using the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer (QRMA) hand press set on Friday, February 24, 2023 at GPLA FIKK 3rd Floor. Present as speakers, Mrs. Musanti from Kalbe Farma and Dr. Kartika Ratna Pertiwi, Ph.D. from the HSC UNY medical team.

Musanti explained the use of the QRMA tool for health tests technically without taking blood but utilizing magnetic waves to scan. The tool is one of the technological developments in the health sector.

Dr. Kartika Ratna Pertiwi, Ph.D. then explained the analysis of the scan results from the medical side. The results of scans such as blood vessel resistance, blood fat, and so on are analyzed and described by the medical team to make it easier for patients to understand even though the tool has provided a description of the scan results.

The HSC medical team also demonstrated the use of the device. In the future, health checks will be carried out massively as one of the series of Dies UNY agenda. (Author: Sinta, Editor: Dedy, Translator : Ratih Cahya)

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