Improving students' science literacy through learning media "My Digestive Board"


UNY students have the opportunity to improve literacy and numeracy in schools through the Teaching Campus program. One of the students who enjoyed this opportunity was Nita Prasyama Azhari, a science education student of UNY, who was assigned to SD Negeri Tlacap, Sleman.

Nita was assigned to plan and implement the science learning process in the teaching assistance program. In the implementation, it was found that there were still many students who had a low level of science literacy, this was indicated by student misconceptions in some science materials. "While teaching science subjects, I often find students who experience misconceptions in several materials," said Nita.

This posed a considerable challenge in the implementation of the program. To overcome this problem, Nita and the teachers collaborated to develop learning strategies that fit the characteristics and needs of the students. One of them is by creating science learning media on human digestive system material. The creation of science learning media entitled 'My Digestive Board' went through some small research, taking into account the interests, characteristics, and needs of students during the learning process.

"During the learning process, students practiced the flow of the human digestive system happily, I saw that they were so happy with the learning media, not infrequently I also slipped some questions to test students' understanding of concepts on related material," said Nita.

To end the learning process, a final test was conducted to measure students' mastery of the material and show the level of science literacy of students, the results showed that there were no student misconceptions about the material of the human digestive system. The use of my digestive board science learning media in this learning process received positive responses from students, teachers, and school principals. "Very innovative, we need learning media like this," said the Principal of SD Negeri Tlacap, Sukirman, M.Pd. (Author: Nita Prasyama, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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