UNY has won trust in organizing many selection processes for village apparatus. UNY's involvement in this process is clear evidence of the quality of UNY's selection tests and, at the same time, is a part of UNY's participation in developing the quality of human resources in the village.

At the beginning of 2022, UNY, through the Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM), successfully carried out at least two selection tests. On January 15, 2022, UNY has carried out the selection test for Karangtengah village of Bantul official candidate. Head of Karangtengah village, Haryanto personally grateful for UNY's support on the selection process. "I hope that a quality young generation will be selected who will later serve in Karangtengah village," said Haryanto. Participants must complete an academic test, essay, computer practice, and speaking test.

UNY again conducted the selection test for the village official of Wonokerto, Sleman, on January 18, 2022. "I hope all participants can show their abilities to achieve the best results and maintain. Therefore, I completely rely on this selection test to UNY," said the head of Wonokerto village. In addition, the participants must complete practical computer,  academic tests, psychological tests, and interview tests.

Head of LPPM UNY, Prof.Dr. Samsul Hadi, expressed his gratitude for the trust given to LPPM UNY. "Following our commitment to getting the best human resources among the best, the participants should take part in this activity by remaining calm and facing all processes without any burden," said Prof.Dr. Samsul Hadi (Heri-LPPM, Tj.Lak)

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