Learning Mathematical Modeling Knowledge with Professor Fugo Takasu


The Department of Mathematics Education UNY held a guest lecture by presenting a Professor from the Faculty of Science Nara Women's University Japan, Professor Fugo Takasu. The lecture took place in Conference Room 1 of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) UNY. A total of 50 participants consisting of master and doctoral program students attended the guest lecture with enthusiasm.

Prof. Sugiman Koorprodi S3 Mathematics Education in his opening speech stated that Prof. Fugo's arrival was not only this time, but would continue in the next period. "The paradigm of S2 and S3 at UNY continues to care for pure mathematics with the aim that we as mathematics education people know more about where we will take lessons to students in the classroom. This activity hopes that participants can be actively involved, learn from Prof. Fugo how to apply mathematics using technology, get a lot of insight into the nature of the nature of mathematics. Hopefully this agenda can foster a climate of mathematical essence," he concluded.

An introduction to mathematical analysis in biology was the title of the discussion delivered by Professor Fugo Takasu. In general, his presentation explained how mathematics is applied in the field of biology. In particular, it discusses the mathematical model of population dynamics and the application of system dynamics to biological phenomena. Other discussions were about single of population, Susceptible, Infectious, and Recovered (SIR) model, Lesli matrix, exponential mode.

Prof. Fugo Takasu was at UNY from March 13 to 15. Other activities besides being a guest lecturer session for S2 and S3 students are discussions about cooperation between the Department of Mathematics Education FMIPA UNY and Nara Women's University. The cooperation is in the form of a short course on Mathematical Modeling in Biology which is planned to be held next September. It is hoped that this activity can provide new knowledge and insight to students and general participants about Mathematical Modeling.

Edi Susanto, a master's student who participated in the Guest Lecturer, was happy to have the opportunity to be one of the guest lecturer participants. "I am happy and grateful to participate in this activity, I can add knowledge. Prof. Fugo delivered his presentation very structured and neat. He discussed the modeling used in population dynamics mathematics. Problems found in life related to science can be made a simple mathematical model, but the results can be used as a basis for determining a policy decision. For example, as described earlier, namely about covid, "he explained. (Author: Debi Pranata, Editor: Dedy, Tj.lak)

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