In order to strengthen the Study Program and the expansion of the international cooperation network, the History Education Study Program of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FIS UNY) work in partnership as Sister Departments with the Department of History, Faculty of Human Sciences, UPSI Malaysia on 11-16/2018. The university is located in Malim Tanjong, Perak Darul Ridzuan 35900, Malaysia. It has several faculties, one of which is the Faculty of Human Sciences which has similarities with the UNY FIS. The Faculty has several departments including the Department of Geography and Environment, Department of History, Department of Islamic Studies, and Department of Social Studies and Citizenship Department.
In this activity, the Head of the Department of FIS History Education, Dr. Dyah Kumalasari, M.Pd., signed a cooperation agreement in the form of a Letter of Intent with the Department of History, Faculty of Human Sciences, UPSI Malaysia on the local campus. In the LoI, it is agreed that cooperation activities will be in the form of joint curriculum and credit transfer. "The joint curriculum program with the Faculty of Human Science, UPSI Malaysia is very strategic because both faculties have a cognate study program" he explained
On the same occasion, Saefur Rochmat, Ph.D, who is also a lecturer in the History of Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science, collaborated in joint publication. This collaboration is realized by collaborating with writing articles between FIS lecturers and the Faculty of Human Sciences, UPSI Malaysia and then sending articles to indexed journals for publication.
Dyah hopes that through joint curriculum, joint publication and credit transfer, Education Study Program History of FIS UNY can improve the quality of education and establish cooperation in the international scope. In addition, this activity is expected to increase lecturer and UNY student publications in indexed / reputable journals and prepare for credit transfer activities and lecturer exchanges. "This activity can also add scientific insight to the lecturers of History Education Study Program," he added. (Eko

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