UNY Business Incubator Award

UNY Business Incubator was awarded as an outstanding incubator by the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education; Prof. Mohammad Nasir last December. This award is an important recognition on UNY effort to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). The effort has rooted in 2012 by the collaboration between the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMBs and UNY. There are some assistance from UNY business incubator for UNY’s SMB partners participating in Technology-Based Beginner Entrepreneur Program, Technology-Based Beginner Entrepreneur Candidates Program, and Young Beginner Entrepreneurs Program.

To give better support for UNY SMB development, UNY Business Incubator has initiated active role as official members of Indonesia Business Incubator Association (AIBI), ASEAN Business Incubator Network (ABINet) and Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI).  There is also international collaboration with Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

“In the incubation stage, we assisted SMBs for 3 years. Each SMEs had various training on business plan, management, commercial production, networking, application of intellectual property rights and product certification,” explained by Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz, head of UNY Business Incubator. All of this effort is expected to breed more innovative, independent and competitive SMB.

Head of UNY LPPM Dr. Suyanta explained that the existence of the UNY business incubator was one of the efforts towards the down streaming of science and technology findings. "The work of lecturers and students must not stop in the form of scientific reports, but it must lead to tangible results in the form of useful technology that benefits directly to the community," said Suyanta. Meanwhile Prof. Sutrisna Wibawa, Rector of UNY, pointed that institutionally UNY would continue to enhance cooperation with various institutions. " The cooperation established with the business and industrial stakeholder is one of the attempt to  prepare excellence graduates who are ready to compete in the era of 4.0 industrial revolution," closed Sutrisna Wibawa.

Some well-known UNY business incubator products include custom speedometers for motorcycles and automobiles, Indobot robotic kits, RLS Liquid Spray made from binahong, papaya and aloe vera for pain relief and Astrover automatic fish feed dispersing machines.(Dedy)

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