Primary Education Study Program of UNY Graduate School invited Prof. Mei-Ying Chen from National Chiayi University, Taiwan. She delivered a lecture about “Pre-Service Teacher Education in Taiwan”. In this lecture, UNY students learn about 3 strategies of teacher education in Taiwan to develop professional teacher by connecting rules on teacher education, the using of platform for adaptive learning and teaching practice program.

Pre-service is the basis of a teacher education training curriculum intended to provide teachers with the content knowledge, pedagogical skills and attitudes needed to effectively teach students. This activity is an experience where pre-service teachers change the way they teach into professional classroom practice. This gives students the opportunity to find out, try and reflect on the refinements and subtleties of the classroom that includes the moral and technical dimensions of teaching.

The guest lecture run interactively and communicatively because students were also given the opportunity to reveal strategies for implementing teacher education in Indonesia which turned out to be a lot in common with teacher education in Taiwan. At the end of the session, Prof. Mei-Ying re-emphasized the urgency of curriculum and instruction in accordance with paying attention to aspects of culture, supporting students' multiple intelligences, and always motivating students to be enthusiastic in learning. (ant; Tj.Lak)

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