The Faculty of Languages and Arts confirms its position which is on the move to world class faculty. In the last quarter of 2014 2015, Rahma Fitriana (the Selected Student of the Faculty of Languages and Arts) joined the Teaching Practice Enrichment Program in Sekolah Indonesia Singapore (SIS) for three months (October-December 2014).

It is a joint program between YSU and Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore in which it is under the coordination of the Attaché of Education and Culture. Rahma is one out of three students of YSU who had been selected by Office of International Affairs and Partnership (OIAP). “There [Singapore], we were under the responsibility of Indonesian Embassy,” she said.

In the school, Rahma taught English for Junior and Senior High School students using either Indonesian or Cambridge curriculum. “For Junior High School level, I taught grade 8 and 9 students, whereas for Senior High level, I taught grade 11 and 12 student. However, we also taught grade 7 and 10, even Elementary School. Once, I replaced a teacher who had to attend a comparison study in Myanmar. I taught Natural Sciences grade 3 students,” she added.

In addition to teaching in SIS, they also had to join Embassy of Indonesia Programs: (1) being administration officers in Education and Training Center for Indonesian workers in Singapore, and (2) participating in ASEAN Gala Night.

“ASEAN Gala Night is an annual agenda to gather all embassy representations ofASEAN to hold an exhibition introducing culture, cuisines and dances of each country,” she added. They also visited several campuses, namely MDIS Campus, National Institute of Education (NIE), NUS (National University of Singapore), and UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia).

When interviewed, she shared her experience. “I learn so many things from this experience. First, of course, I got teaching experience. I faced problem when I had to teach mixed-ability class. In English class, the students spoke such a good English (sadly, some of them are not able to speak bahasa). However, there are some students who still faced problem in using proper greetings. Therefore, I insisted myself to adapt with such new learning context by implementing problem-based learning in class,” she answered.

She gave advices for next students joining this program. “Never stop to learn. Enrich your experience and knowledge. Singapore is a country which never stops to learn and consistently develops itself. Sometimes, we forget to change ourselves first before changing our friends and our society. Like what a famous muslim scholar, Aa Gym, said, let’s start from small things, let’s start from now, and let’s start from ourselves,” she closed. (Rony)

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