Improving Children's Intelligence and Literacy Skills by reading aloud


"The fact is that learning to read is a complex process and does not happen by itself. Learning to read needs planning, teaching parts of reading skills," said Nuradi Indrawijaya, S.Pd, Head of the Yogyakarta Reading Interest Community Movement at Taman Bacaan Masyarakat (TBM) or Community Reading Corner  Nawasena Ngluwar, Magelang on September 25, 2023.

Out of three children coming to kindergarten, more than one comes without the necessary learning skills. Research shows that reading aloud is one crucial thing we can do to help children be ready to read and ready to learn. Children spend 900 hours at school and 7800 hours at home. Based on data, interest in reading books for preschool children reaches 100%, decreases when children are in 4th grade to 54%, 8th grade to 30%, even when children are in grade 12 to only 19%.

Skilled reading requires fluent coordination in reading words and understanding them. Reading aloud is the simple activity of reading aloud to children over and over again, which leads to listening habits, willingness to read and interest in reading. Reading aloud can increase intelligence, attachment, and literacy skills in children. Read-aloud activities are expected to improve children's curiosity and love for books and knowledge. "How can you speak, read, and write words if you never hear the words?" said Nuradi Indrawijaya.

The read aloud activity at TBM Nawasena provides an opportunity for children to listen to Nuradi's stories. Through this activity, children get to experience how much fun reading books can be.  "Hopefully, the existence of TBM Nawasena is expected to increase children's interest in reading books to increase knowledge," said Eduardus Didaktus Dagun Hatu, head of the UNY student team in Cabeyan Hamlet, Magelang.

"Community Reading Corner should not only be a place to read. It will be more interesting if the activities here also schedule interlude activities such as read aloud, coloring, or doing school assignments so that children feel comfortable to come and read here," said Rohmad Zani, S.Sos, Head of Ngluwar Sub-District. (Writer: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.lak)

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