REE Guest Lecturing with Dr.Mark Butler


On Monday, 19 October 2015, Research and Education Evaluation (REE) Department held Guest Lecturing bringing the topic of Education Assessment. The agenda was housed in Main Meeting Room, YSU Rectorate Building by presenting the expert from Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Dr. Mark Butler, who is also Senior Researcher Consultant in the institution. After opened by Prof. Djemari Mardapi, Ph.D. as the Head of Research and Education Evaluation Department, this agenda was moderated by Ashadi, M.Hum., Ph.D.

At the start. Butler delivered brief description of ACER and some of the programs. He also asserted that ACER is an education evaluation institution headquartered in Australia and sets up several branch offices in the world, including in Jakarta, Indonesia.

After brief explanation about ACER, he talked about Assesment and Reporting, which suggests academicians/teachers to first understand the aim of the assesment, either for selection, study evaluation, or diagnose of problems during study. The decision will affect the type of assessment test to be conducted.

The level of difficulties must be adapted to grade and prospective testees. After conducting assessment, the evaluator has to make report on the assessment resut. He also needs to do the follow-up and may treat the report as a consideration in making decision.

The Guest Lecturing was held with a lot of enthusiasm since the number of students participating the agenda was over expected. Initially, the comitee only prepared for 60 participants, yet on the day, 90 participants were reported to attend the lecturing, which most of them came from REE department and others . Butler was ablaze of answering every inquiry delivered, indicating high enthusiasm of the participants. (eka ary)

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