"We could benefit from information systems technology to prevent and to face the upcoming disasters” Prof. Dr. Khairul Munadi said in his capacity as a Speaker on Workshop entitled Disaster Awareness, Preparedness and Management held in the Main Meeting Room, Yogyakarta State University.

The workshop yesterday (1/10/2015) put more emphasis on the importance of education in the country prone to natural disasters namely Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Asia-Pacific countries. To that end, in the workshop, a number of disaster experts from several Asia-Pacific countries were speaking about and delivering materials related to how to deal with natural disasters. One of them is Dr. Takashi Oda, a lecturer of Miyagi University, Japan, who is also an expert in the field of teacher training for disaster mitigation. "After a disaster, the students lost their families. It is important for teachers to understand disaster recovery for motivating their students ", he affirmed.

Attended by more than 100 participants and mostly were school teachers in Yogyakarta Special Province, the workshop is expected to facilitate the teachers to become more aware of the importance disaster knowledge. It aims to prevent teachers in order not to panic when a disasters. Thus, they could help evacuate the students.

Prof. Dr. Suwarsih Madya, the Vice Rector for International Cooperation and Partnership YSU also reminded the contribution of all parties, not just the teachers. "In disaster education, we must also involve the parents, corporate through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, as well as mass media, in conveying information and news about disasters," she added.

The workshop took place in two sessions, namely from 10.30 until 15.30. This workshop is CAPEU (Consortium of Asia Pacific Education Universities) program conducting Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday (30/10/2015). (Wulan)

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