Swara Wadhana UNY Won the Grand Prix Champion 11th Bali International Choir Festival 2022


Swara Wadhana Student Choir of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY)won the title of Grand Prix Champion in the 11th Bali International Choir Festival competition. This international-level choir competition takes place from 25-28 July 2022 onsite in Bali, Indonesia, with the implementation of strict health protocols. The Bali International Choir Festival is a choral competition organized by the Bandung Choral Society with the support of many conductors, teachers, and coaches.

Bali International Choir Festival 2022 succeeded in attracting 61 participants from 28 countries. The festival choir received support from 11 international judges consisting of Susanna Saw (Malaysia), Jonathan Velasco (Philippines), Dr. Cameron F. Labbar (America), Kittiporn Tantrarungroj (Thailand), Soundarie David Rodrigo (Sri Lanka), Andreas Sugeng (Indonesia), Hee Chul Kim (South Korea), Dr. Maria emma M. (Greece), Mark Anthony C. (Philippines), Lorenzo Donati (Italy), and Daud Kosasih (Indonesia).

Swara Wadhana UNY Student Choir Team participated in two categories: musica sacra and mixed choir. In the musica sacra category, PSM Swara Wadhana received a Gold Medal (Runner Up of Category) with a final score of 87.65. Meanwhile, Swara Wadhanareceived a Gold Medal (Winner of Category) for the mixed choir category. This result makes PSM Swara Wadhana entitled to go to the Grand Prix round in the 11th Bali International Choir Festival competition.

In the Grand Prix round, Swara Wadhana faced winners from other categories. 9 other teams also entered the Grand Prix round. The teams that also entered this stage were the Biak Faiman Indo Choir, The Resonanz Children Choir, Domenico Savio Choir, Floice, Medan Community Choir, Gratia Choir, Voice of Bali, Romamti-Ezer Youth Tomohon, and the Harmony Project. Swara Wadhana performed two repertoires in this stage, Atsalums (Jekabs Jancevskis) and Hentakan Jiwa (Ken Steven). The results of this competition placed PSM Swara Wadhana Yogyakarta State University as the Grand Prix Champion of the 11th Bali International Choir Festival.

“I was quite amazed to see the results of the competition, considering that the other participants had excellent quality standards. We didn't even think our position could be above the choirs that have won in prestigious European and Asian competitions. This result is thanks to the team's effort and support from the UNY all parties," said Lukas Gunawan Arga Rakasiwi, the coach of Swara Wadhana. Arga added that this was the first time Swara Wadhana won as the Winner of Category and the Grand Prix at the Bali International Choir Festival. Arga also hopes this achievement can trigger enthusiasm for the upcoming competition for consistent and better performance.

“Hopefully, all the coaches will make Swara Wadhana UNY more successful and achieve in the future. Not only in Indonesia but also in the international arena. Now we have started towards that point,” said Drijastuti Jogjaningrum, the supervisor of Swara Wadhana. (Ryan/2022, Tj.Lak).

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