Teaching Profession Education Orientation: Preparing Professional Teachers

Teaching Profession Education Orientation: Preparing Professional Teachers

“Being a teacher means having great responsibility to teach the students. Along with their pedagogical knowledge and skills, teachers should have sufficient subject knowledge in teaching the students. Besides, good characters and intellectual minds are other supporting factors for being professional teachers. Teachers should be devoted, dedicated to their profession,” said Wardan Suyanto, Ed.D. the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of YSU.
Further in his speech, Wardan said that teachers should be able to set examples for their students so that the teacher profession education participants would be professional teachers.
The first day of the teacher profession education orientation presented Prof. Wawan S. Suherman, M.Ed. He delivered his lecture on teaching profession as manifestation for self commitment. “The third year of teacher profession education provides participants programs to develop their pedagogical skills, expertise, personality and social competence. These programs are integrated in their academic and social activities,” he explained.
Suyud, M.Pd., the head of Center for Educator Profession and Educational Staff further explained about the curriculum. “We have developed subject specific pedagogy and teaching practice programs for the participants. They will join workshops to develop their skills in conducting effective teaching and learning process so that they can present learning materials well,” said Suyud.
In the last session, the teaching practice programs overview was delivered by Prof. Suwarna, the Secretary of the Center for Educational Development and Quality Assurance. “During the teaching practice program, the participants will build their skills in identifying students’ characteristics, solving problems related to teaching and learning process, improving the teaching and learning process, creating teaching and learning innovations, and conducting classroom action research,” Prof. Suwarna said.
At the end of the teaching practice program, a comprehensive evaluation for the skills will encompass administration for teaching and learning process, teaching practice, participation in school extracurricular activities, social competence, portfolio, and teaching practice report. To pass this teaching profession education, the participants should get B for the overall score of their teaching practice.

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