Universiti Putra Malaysia Students Join a Sit In Program in YSU


25 students of Mathematics Department of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) attended the opening ceremony of sit-in program in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of YSU, Monday (13/4/2015) in meeting room of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The program will be held for nine days.

Dr. Suyanta, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs welcomed the students and said that YSU has good cooperation with various Malaysian institutions, namely IPM, UPSI, UTM, etc.

“We are committed to giving the best service for the sit-in program students including accommodation and transportation so that it will enhance the cooperation,” Suyanta said.

From today, they will sit in on lecture class and practicum class. We hope they are able to make themselves at home by learning Jogja’s culture including its cuisine such as sego kucing or a small portion of rice with toppings, usually sambal, dried fish, and tempeh.
Ahmad Nizwan Bin Hasan from UPM said that they have visited various tourism detinations in Jogja such as Borobudur temple and Alun-Alun Kidul (Southern City Square). We also have tried Sego Kucing. “It is really nice and cheap,” he closed. (witono)

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