UNY Graduates 4,625 Students of Teacher Professional Program


UNY held a graduation ceremony for Teacher Professional Program (PPG) students/participants who graduated in 2022. The graduation was held on Wednesday (8/2) in the Auditorium with offline and online modes. According to the Director of the Directorate of Professional Education and Competence of UNY, Prof. Dr. Erwin Setyo Kriswanto, M.Kes. The graduation ceremony was attended by 226 offline representatives by considering the distribution in the field of study and domicile, and online a total of 4,399 participants. "The total number of participants in the graduation ceremony was 4,625 people from 37 provinces with the most participants from Yogyakarta with 798 people followed by Central Java with 693 people," said Erwin. The graduation ceremony participants consisted of 1,770 PPG in Position Category I in 2022, 1,961 PPG in Position Category II in 2022, 107 PPG in Position Ex-PLPG in 2022, 162 PPG Pre-Service in 2021/2022 and 625 retakers.

Rector of UNY Prof. Dr. Sumaryanto, M.Kes. congratulated and wished success to the PPG graduation participants. "We will continue to improve the quality of lecturers, education staff, students and alumni," said the Rector of UNY who also opened opportunities for PPG alumni to pursue further studies at UNY for a better canals at UNY. UNY Teacher Professional Program is one of the leading programs in Indonesia because UNY is still assigned as the coordinator of the implementation of the Teacher Professional Education Student Competency Test (UKMPPG).

One of the graduation participants, Miftakhurrohmah, was happy to graduate from the Teacher Professional Education program in the field of PGSD at UNY. She plans to input the certificate she obtained so that it can be listed in Dapodik. "In the future, I hope to be able to pursue a postgraduate program (S2)" concluded Tata, her nickname.(Writer: Dedy, Editor: Agus, T:Ratih&Ira)

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