UNY partnership in banking services and human resource quality development with Bank Woori Saudara (BWS)


Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta signed a memorandum of understanding with Bank Woori Saudara (BWS) at UNY Hotel, on January 15, 2024. In this activity, Prof. Margana, as Vice Rector for Research, Cooperation, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship Affairs, represented the Rector of UNY. In addition, the Vice Deans, the Director and Secretary of the Directorate, Expert Staff, and a number of UNY faculty members were also present. Meanwhile, from BWS, the Head of the Surakarta Office, Yudho Wahyu Sampurno, Central Java Regional Head Reza Mulyana, Klaten Branch Office Leader Eka Jaya, and Klaten Branch Office R.O. Amanda were present. This cooperation document covers several cooperation activities that will be carried out, including the provision of banking services for lecturers, staff, and students of UNY, as well as the implementation of the tridharma of higher education in developing the quality of human resources.

"We hope we can provide optimal banking services to lecturers, staff, and students of UNY," said Yudho Wahyu Sampurno, Head of the Surakarta Branch Office of Woori Saudara Bank.

Meanwhile, Prof. Margana, as Vice Rector for Research, Cooperation, Information Systems and Entrepreneurship Affairs, stated that UNY welcomes opportunities for cooperation with banking partners. "UNY, through this collaboration, is ready to open opportunities for the development of human resources of Woori Saudara Bank through the Recognition of Past Learning (RPL) program," said Prof. Margana.(Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.lak)

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