UNY Opens Engineering Science Study Program Based on Green Technology


Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta opened a new study program in the 2023/2024 academic year, the Doctoral Program in Engineering Science at the Faculty of Engineering. According to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D., the purpose of opening this study program is to provide opportunities for the community to develop and deepen their knowledge in the engineering field, especially the doctoral degree. "This study program has ten concentrations, namely electrical engineering, electronics engineering, informatics engineering, mechatronics engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering, environmental engineering and industrial engineering," said Herman Dwi Surjono on Monday (3/7) at UNY.

According to the doctorate from Southern Cross University, Australia, the implementation of this learning process follows the demands of the 4.0 revolution, which emphasizes green technology and meets the market's wishes, which is very much about engineering science. With the ten concentrations, this study program has a mission 'Developing Engineering Science with Green Technology Emphasis as a Response to Local and Global Issues Based on Digital Technology that is Superior, Creative and Innovative Sustainable'.

In addition, it is also to develop research and publication of scientific papers for lecturers and students who can make theoretical, empirical, and practical contributions in engineering science according to the demands of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, as well as the penta-helix of higher education. Graduates of UNY Doctoral Engineering Science are expected to become prospective researchers in the field of engineering science as mentioned above; educators in academic, government, and industrial environments who excel in the field of engineering science; professionals in the field of engineering science such as managers and directors; and consultants in the field of engineering science who are superior and creative. The Study Program follows mixed lectures by course and by research to accelerate study completion. Theoretical classes can be completed in the first semester, while the second and subsequent semesters complete the speciality courses, publications and dissertations. In the first semester, promoters and co-promoters have been prepared so that students can start doing research, journals and dissertations. In addition, the UNY Doctoral Engineering Science Study Program at the Faculty of Engineering UNY offers advantages because the curriculum is designed for only six semesters. (Author: Didik Nurhadiyanto, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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