UNY new students got the chance to learn about various Students’ Activity Unit Organization on the UKM Display Event (21/8). The event was held in UNY Sport Center Building. There were 38 Students’ Activity Unit Organization participated.

The event was opened by the Rector of UNY, Sutrisna Wibawa. In his remarks, the rector said that the display mainly consist of sports, arts, special interests and spiritual welfare student organizations. Participating in student activity organization will give added experience along with studying experience in the university. It will be a means to practice leadership and gain other skills that is useful once a student graduate from the university.    “It is your time to watch closely and pick at least one student organization,” he said to invite new students to choose their students’ activity unit.

According to the Chairperson of UNY's UKM Display Committee Deden Shuhud Komara, one of the means to facilitate UNY students’ talents and interests is through student activity units. "Currently UNY is fostering 40 student organizations including BEM, DPM and UKM" said Deden. He hopes that this activity can introduce and invite new students to get involved in developing their talents and works.

One of the new students, Eka Tia Wardani from the history study program at the Faculty of Social Sciences said that this activity was very beneficial for students because they could choose activities that match their interests and talents. "UKM has performed the best, so we can know the activities in UNY," concluded the alumni of SMAN 1 Sambit Ponorogo. (Dedy)

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