Workload Competency Test to Produce New Assessor Candidates for UNY


Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) in collaboration with the Directorate of Resources of the Directorate General (DIKTIRISTEK) held a workshop on Provisioning and Competency Test of Lecturer Workload Assessors (BKD) on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, at the UNY Hotel. Most of the invitees, both assessors and prospective assessors who were invited by the UNY Administrative system, participated in the event thoroughly.

In his remarks, Vice-Rector for General Affairs and Resources of UNY Pro. Edi Purwanta hoped for the attendees to pass the assessor exam, helping UNY to have more than 250 assessors that not only able to assess at the UNY level, but are also capable of assessing in the national level. “A lecturer does not only do a Tri Dharma activity, for example, only teaching or writing books. Instead, a lecturer must be able to fulfil all Tri Dharma activity in their universities”, said Edi Purwanta. “The result of their working performance will be used to determine their promotion and their functionality as lecturers”. Edi added a conclusion that all performance carried out by the lecturers are their savings for improving their careers. The event, acting as a refreshment for lecturers who are also assessors and provisioning for prospective assessors, ended with skill tests and competency tests.

The speakers for the workshop were Iwan Winardi, M.Pd., Coordinator of the Career Substance Group of Educators & Education Personnel of the Directorate of Resources of the Directorate General of DIKTIRISTEK, Dr. Eng. Zainal Arief, Lecturer Workload Team (BKD) of the Directorate General of DIKTIRISTEK, Santi Sayanti Agustina, M.M. Sub-Coordinator of Educator Careers Region II Ditjen. Resources of the Directorate General of Dikristek, and Rizky Tito Prasetyo, M.TI of the Integrated Resource Information System Team (SISTER) of the Directorate General of DIKTIRISTEK.

With the implementation of the event, it is hoped that new assessors, capable of assessing in the UNY and national level, will be born. (Writer : Putriana D, Editor :Dedy, Translator : Alif Azzaki)

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