Yogyakarta State University Lab School Program












       The Yogyakarta State University is developing lab schools program in collaboration with the municipal government. In this program,the designated schools are claimed to have the enriched national educational standards, to produce accomplished graduates as well as serving as the realisation of educational service, dedication and research field for learning innovation and educational policies. In the MoU between the university and Yogyakarta Municipal government, there are 14 schools included in this program. Kindergarten Pembina Yogyakarta , State Kindergarten 2 Yogyakarta, Kindergarten Pedagogia, Tegalrejo Elementary School, Giwangan Elementary School, Junior High School 1 Yogyakarta, Junior High School 7 Yogyakarta, Senior High School 4, Senior High School 6, dan Senior High School 9 Yogyakarta. Vocational schools joining this programs are Vocational High Schools 2, 5, 6, dan 7 Yogyakarta.

      The schools were officially declared as lab schools on Wednesday, Jnuary 8th 2014. The mayor of Yogyakarta municipality, Drs. Haryadi Suyuti and the rector of Yogyakarta State University, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M. Pd., M. A. along with his staff also attended the opening of the program. The chief of the YSU institute of Educational development and quality assurance, Drs. Wawan Sundawan, asid that education was Yogyakarta continuously improving. Therefore the university should contribute to improve education and need lab schools to prepare future teachers.

     Meanwhile, the head of the educational agency of Yogyakarta, Drs. Edi Heri Susana, M.Pd. stated that the selected schools are not the most prominent ones. “Ordinary schools will be extraordinary by the assistance of YSU. That is why we selected those schools,” he said. The mayor, Drs. Haryadi Suyuti welcomed the program as it could propmt schools to be the favourites. Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A. mentioned that the lab school program is YSU commitment to realize the education acts about teacherand lecturer professions. “The government provides the human resources, money, and the learning materials, whereas YSU helps to prepare the academic aspects of a school,” he added. The collaboration was also signed by presenting the lab schools profiles and signing an inscription. (dedy)

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