YSU Students Perform in ASEAN Gala Night, Singapore


Three students joining teaching practicum in Sekolah Indonesia Singapura (SIS) took part in the ASEAN Gala Night 2014 held on November 28, 2014.

Rahma Fitriana, Fathuna Nur Rochmah, and Rumi Khusnandari were honored to perform Saman dance, the traditional dance from Aceh, at the Riptaloka Hall ofthe Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. Traditionally hosted by one of the ASEAN missions in Singapore – this year's host was Myanmar– ASEAN Gala Night is an annual event aimed at promoting ASEAN culture and strengthening solidarity, connectivity and integration in the region. The fourth rendition of the ASEAN Gala Night also commemorated the 25th ASEAN – Republic of Korea Dialogue Relations. Representatives of the US, Japan and the Republic of Korea were also present during the event.

Indonesian saman dance was showcased during the event. Performed by well-trained traditional dance troupe of the Sekolah Indonesia Singapura (SIS), the lively and rhythmic dance captivated the audience. “We’re thrilled to join international events and this chance gives me more than that. I’ve done performing the so-called fast-paced dance and now try to explore ASEAN. A kimchi without a plane to Korea, hehe.” said Rumi, walking around the booths.

Other countries performed their cultural performances as well, varied in dances and singing.

A range of cultural identities and traditional cuisine of ASEAN member countries and Republic of Korea were featured at the night. The distinguished guests, including the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Chee Wee Kiong, were also treated with cuisines of ASEAN member states and the Republic of Korea. The Indonesian culinary booth set served sate ayam, bakso, es teler and Indonesian interpretation of pudding. (Rahma/Febi)

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