Wisanggeni Warrior Team from Engineering Development Division of UKM Engineering Technology Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta re-incised achievement in the national event by winning the 2nd International Roof Truss Design (IRTDC) at UGM (1-5 / 05/2017). In addition to the trophy the team is also entitled to a coaching fund of 500 USD.
This team consists of Hendra Dewata, Mahsya Polivcha Putri, and Wahyu Bagas Pamungkas from the Department of Civil Engineering and Planning, Faculty of Engineering UNY under the guidance of Darmono, M.T.
International Roof Truss Design (IRTDC) itself is a series of # 7 Civil In Action events as well as the biggest annual event of UGM's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. IRTDC is an international roof frame design competition which is participated by 15 finalist teams who pass the proposal selection. IRTDC is a horse planning competition that is implemented to know the suitability between planning and implementation.
Hendra Dewata explained his team's journey in this race started with the selection of proposal. "After passing the selection proposal, then the entire team who qualified to be invited to the final round with assembly sessions, presentations, until testing," recalls Hendra.
"Our team is one of the finalists IRTDC who managed to become the team with the fastest assembly with a record time of 25 minutes and after going through a series of stages we finally declared endorsement as the best two positions," he said.
"Our team planned the horses to collapse at 230 kg loads, and remarkable when the testing stage of the horses was damaged at 240 kg load," Hendra said.
The jury in the championship also comes from the international academics, among others, Dr. Hazrina Mansor, from Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Mara Technology. Malaysia, Dr. Li Bing, from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. Singapore and Prof. Ir. Henricus Priyosulistyo, M.Sc., Ph. D, UGM. (hryo)

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