Maryana, a student of Faculty of Economics YSU has recently been applaused for her writing which got Best Paper on Youth Summit on Cooperatives Entrepreneurship and Economic Democracy organized by Student Cooperation, Gadjah Mada University in Graha Sabha Pramana (24/10/2015). This is a yearly event and currently brings the theme of “Youth as the Cooperation Actor in the Face of ASEAN Ecomonic Community (AEC)”.

The competition is designed to boards of student cooperations in Yogyakarta and Central Java. The agenda includes seminar and discussion, followed with selection of paper abstracts. In the end of the seminar, the committee announced the Best Paper for there categories. Maryana, a student of Accounting Education YSU and also board of YSU Student Cooperation, was awarded Best Paper for Cooperation and Economy of Indonesia in the Face of AEC.

With the paper entitled “Cooperation Zero Waste (Cozewas) : Learning Media of Cooperation Literacy through Mt-SPP (Mentoring, Training-Socialization, Promotion, and Publication)”, she dreamed of cooperation which could be such a need among society and implemented thoroughly.

“By implementing zero waste principle, I hope cooperation not merely assists in the economy within society, but also could help maintain balance in the community. To realise it requires many efforts, one of which is through MT-SPP (Mentoring, Training-Socialization, Promotion, Publication),” she asserted.

“Through this paper, the society could deposit their waste and manage it while implementing cooperation principle, thus cooperation in Indonesia will persistently exist in the middle of future tight competition in AEC. I have such a big expectation that this event could create an initial step to gather cooperation activists in Indonesia,” she added. (fadhli)