Our Energy activities are part of a World Exchange "capacity building project involving youth from four countries. This activity also comes with training and evaluation activities for staff from six partner organizations involved in this project. Through this youth exchange, participants are expected to acquire knowledge about renewable energy, basic knowledge of electricity, look at the benefits of renewable energy and change participants' attitudes toward their energy use.
"Our Energy" Youth Exchange is organized by Erasmus (European Union's Program) and collaboration of several partners of Cambodia Youth Action, IDC (Initiative et Development Citoyen), Vilagjaro, GREAT Indonesia, Associazione Kora, SOLS 24/7-Science Of Life Studies 24 / 7, at SOLs (Science Of Life Studies 247) Academy Segambut, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The event was followed by delegates from six countries in the world, namely Italy, Hungary, France, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. After participating in the Youth Exchange, participants are expected to have more knowledge about renewable energy, can provide solutions on the development of renewable energy problems of each country.
To participate in this event the participants must collect essay motivation and application letter. After passing the selection, the only delegation from UNY who successfully escaped was Absari Hanifah, Biology Faculty student of FMIPA UNY. Hanifah explained, the activities raised in this event are training activity and evaluation activity about Renewable energy.
Activities conducted during these ten days are: workshops, debates, role plays, simulations, outdoor activities. In addition, there are non-formal activities, such as Teambuilding, intercultural learning activities, role play and theater activities, recreational activities, Quizzes, Daily reflection, and evaluation.
Described, the series of event activities are also enriched with the visit of solar panel laboratories and direct practice on the manufacture and installation of Solar Panels. Practical activities started with a workshop with speakers, Anna from Serbia who has experience in the field of energy and environment. Workshop materials on the development and business of renewable energy in developed countries. The workshop ended with a direct practice of installing and manufacturing solar panels.
Absari Hanifah explains, the benefits obtained following this event is the application of ideas and ideas of students so that it can be used as a reference policy-making by the community, the increase of the image of UNY as a university in the event of achievement at international level. In addition, through this activity is expected to create a synergic relationship between UNY students and international organizations. In the future, it is expected that UNY students can be actively involved in various competitions to develop research and student achievement as the basis of the nation's scientific development. (witono)

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