FIS Basketball is the name of a basketball community in Faculty of Social Sciences UNY. The community established in 2012 and initiated by FIS students. One of the members of FIS Basketball, Fika Kurniasari, explained that in the beginning, the community has only few members but it increased in number as time progresses. Both men and women are actively participating in the community.

“Practice session is scheduled twice a week. The time and day follow the schedule of each member so that they can participatein the practice session. Usually, this community conducts the session at night as most of the members have free time at these hours. The practice session is done at least in two hours.” said Fika.

FIS Basketball has also a great management that support  every activity to run very well. Each administrator has their own responsibilities. Members of this community are not only cross-department, but students from different ages and classes can also join this community.

She added that beside making your body fit and healthy, joining this community can also make new friends so they can share experiences with each other. In addition, this community can be a means of entertainment and refreshing as well from the many campus activities.  “There are many activities done by this community, one of them is doing sparing session with other basketball teams from other universities such as UAD, UMY, and UNISA.

The FIS UNY basketball team owns great achievements, one of them being won recently is becoming the third winner in women’s basketball category among universities in DIY held by the Faculty of Economics Atma Jaya University.” she concluded. (Eko/terj.AJN)

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