Faculty of Languages and Arts (FLA) YSU again held an international event on 13-14 October 2016. This time the prestigious event is called the International Conference on Literature (ICOLITE) 25. The issues raised at the event this time were environmental issues, with the headline "of Literature for the Earth." This event was held in cooperation between the Association of Graduate-Indonesian Literature (HISKI) and FLA was held for three days; two days of conference activities and one day for ecotourism in the cave Pindul. This event occupied with more than 160 titles of papers from more than 180 speakers from various backgrounds such as professors, researchers, writers, and literary observers from various countries including Thailand, India, Malaysia, Australia and the United States.

The conference began with registration since seven in the morning in front of the PLA building, after that the speakers and participants entered the seminar room of the building to attend the opening. Exactly at eight, the show began with singing the national anthem; Indonesia Raya and followed by a report from the committee chairman, Alice Armini, Hum. In its report, Alice mentioned that this event is a regular event held every year, in the context of HISKI, this year is the 25th year, while in the context of FLA, this year is the third year of implementation of the International Conference on Literature the Third (ICOLITE 3rd).  She also apologized for one of the main speakers, Prof. Antonia Sorente, Ph.D could not attend for health reasons. In closing, Alice did not forget to thank all parties who have assisted the implementation of the international conference.

The event continued with the dance "Onthel" performance by seven students from the Department of Dance Education FLA. This dance creations tells about people who are tired of polluted conditions and try to fight with a real action.

Furthermore, the Rector of YSU, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A gave a speech in front of the speakers and participants of the conference. He recalled that the participants did not only focus on this conference, but also the beauty and diversity of Yogyakarta. Rochmat also stressed the importance of environmental education through literature. Through printed and oral literature from the teachers and parents, the children will have an awareness of the environment. In closing, he hoped that this event not only become a means of sharing knowledge and experience, but also an opportunity to establish cooperation and long-term relationship.

The main event finally arrived. The Plenary Session 1 began by Prof. Dr. Moon Chung Hee, South Korean poet who became professor at Dongguk University, South Korea. She presented a paper entitled Woman, Life, Love. Now turn to the second speaker to present a paper, a no stranger to the world of literature, Dra. Naning Pranoto, M.A. She gave the title of his paper "Introducing the Conservation Earth Farmer: Writing, Planting and Consuming Natural Food”

After midday, the parallel discussion which was divided into seven classes began. Parallel classes were held on the 3rd floor Lecture Building I FLA until 17:00 pm.

The conference, which lasted for two days did not stop at the parallel session alone, the event continued from 19:00 pm until 22:00 pm with the main event of the National Work Meeting (Congress) II HISKI Central. The evening show was preceded by a monologue performed Naning Pranoto, Yeni Rahmawati and Fahmi Idris. (Reza)

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