ASSOY Gymnastics Training Model for Covid-19 Survivors


The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia has been ongoing since early 2020, caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 19 (SARS-CoV-2). By 2023, there were more than 61 million confirmed cases in Southeast Asia; by May 2023, around 767 million people worldwide were infected. As of May 31, Indonesia has reported more than 6.8 million positive cases of Covid-19, with a death toll of around 161 thousand. However, the number of Covid-19 survivors is also quite large. As many as 87.4% of survivors still feel persistent symptoms, including chronic fatigue and shortness of breath. Physical exercise is also considered one way to improve the survivors' fitness. This point sparked Dian Listiarini to research and develop an effective physical exercise model for Covid-19 survivors.

Her dissertation research is titled "Development of a Post-Covid-19 Exercise Model to Improve the Physical Capacity, Psychic, and Immune Status of Covid-19 Survivors," with survivors in the Semarang area as the test subjects. The resulting product is effective for survivors—increased fitness, especially those with improved fatigue. The survivors are also still asked for complaints and are partially monitored.

The research was supported with 60 question items of sequelae, ranging from heat, cough, and so on. The research product is an exercise model consisting of aerobic, strength, flexibility, and breathing exercises called ASSOY Aerobic Gymnastics (Serobic, Stretching, Strengthening, Oxygenation, and Yoga) with a duration of 50 minutes and accompanied by music. The shouting of ASSOY during the exercise can stimulate the nerves and improve the patient's spirit and psyche.

The ASSOY exercise guide is safe and comfortable, and this product benefits the entire general population because the developed exercise model follows WHO recommendations. However, you must consult your doctor to adjust the exercise composition if you have comorbidities.(Author: Sinta, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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