Building Quality Education through Education Human Resource Management


UNY believes that education is an investment in civilization. This belief is what encourages UNY to open a master's degree study program in Education Human Resource Management. "The focus of scientific development of the Education Human Resource Management study program is oriented towards efforts to diversify science and technology, especially human resource management in the field of education with Indonesian identity," said Director of UNY Graduate School, Prof. Anik Ghufron.

UNY's Master of Education Human Resource Management course can be completed in 3 semesters of theory and 1 semester for thesis writing, with 40 credits divided into theory and practice. Courses offered include Organizational Behavior, Education Human Resource Management Studies and Conflict Management. Graduates of this study program can have careers as researchers, educators, policymakers or entrepreneurs in the environmental field. Information and registration for this study program can be accessed through (Public Relations Team, Tj.Lak)

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