The collaboration between students of Mechanical Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering Yogyakarta State University and students of Yamaguchi University, Japan has resulted in two eco-friendly design concepts; those are transportation for the Malioboro area and a soybean growing machine. Both design concepts were presented by students of YSU-Yamaguchi in front of an Engineering Education Lecturer from YSU and Prof. Shigeyuki Haruyama as the supervisor from Yamaguchi on Friday (18/9/2015) in KPLT Meeting Room, YSU.

The first group consisting of Yuki Ekimoto, Muhammad Bardan, Yondi Akhirudin and Risna Sari Dewi strived for developing an environmentally friendly transportation mode for operated in Malioboro area. The technology they want to develop is the electric pedicab. Risna Sari, a member of the group, said that they dream of Malioboro, as the Yogyakarta landmark, to be free from pollution. "We hope Malioboro can realise Motor Free Zone, thus the atmosphere at the street becomes more convenient," she revealed.

"The electric pedicab to develop still preserves the characteristics and culture of the city. Pedicab has become a sort of icon in the Malioboro area, and we want to increase the potency by giving a touch of innovation i.e., combining it with electric power," she added.

Meanwhile, the second group comprising Sato Akinori, Ilham Surtani, Aris Munandar, and Intan Ratnasari delivered their presentation of soy planting machine that aims to help farmers. Intan, a member of the group, explained that this tool can speed up the process of planting soy. "We observed that the planting of soy is still done in the traditional way i.e. punching holes on the ground with bamboo and then placing the seeds one by one," she said while presenting their innovative concept.

"Our tool is capable of digging Tool and also putting the soybean seeds directly in each of these holes so that the process of planting of soybeans will be more efficient," he added.

Dr. Wagiran, in his capacity as a Chairperson of Mechanical Engineering Education Department YSU showed appreciation on the concepts brought by both groups of students. He commented, “I think students have worked and cooperated quite persistently, thus they could finish the design concepts in accordance with the targets set".

"Of course, there are still many improvements needed on the innovation and presentation session to gain more feedback as improvements for students," he added. (hryo)

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