As part of the development step towards World Class University, Yogyakarta State University continues to work together with universities / related institutions, major from abroad. Referring to the commitment, Yogyakarta State University signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with one of the universities from the Netherlands, Universiteit Voor Humanistiek - in the Main Senate Meeting Room on Friday (20/10/2017). The delegation from Universiteit Voor Humanistiek, Utrecht, Netherlands made a visit to submit a memorandum of understanding between the two universities which had already been signed in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
In this visit, delegates from Universiteit Voor Humanistiek represented Wiel Veugelers received directly by the Rector of State University of Yogyakarta, Sutrisna Wibawa along with the ranks of Vice Rectors at Yogyakarta State University. On the occasion of this collaboration, both university representatives discussed opportunities for cooperation in international education, joint programs and other potential programs with a focus on character education.
"The cooperation between Yogyakarta State University and Universiteit Voor Humanistiek affirms the commitment of UNY to become an institution of higher education that prioritizes character education," said Sutrisna. Meanwhile, representative of Universiteit Voor Humanistiek, Wiel Veugekers, said that Yogyakarta State University is the right partner for Universiteit Voor Humanistiek to collaborate in a character education coaching program. "For me, UNY is not foreign anymore, because several times I was involved as a speaker in various seminars to be speakers at various international seminars held at YSU. (andre)

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